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global food supply chain management

Information technology (IT) has brought dramatic improvements to FSCM in terms of automatic food processing like cleansing and packing as well as freshness storage (King and Phumpiu, 1996; Caswell et al., 1998; Wang et al., 2015). Genovese, A., Acquaye, A.A., Figueroa, A. and Koh, S.L. Yu, M. and Nagurney, A. First, European countries are prone to be more use of systems to assist decision-makings in FSCM. Soysal, M., Bloemhof-Ruwaard, J. and Vorst, J.V.D. 28684-28697. Categorizations and classifications are identified to organize this paper. Low and Vogel (2011) used a national representative data on local food market to evaluate the food supply chain where small and medium-sized farms dominate the market. Another interesting finding is that before 2010, IT systems are used for optimization or supply chain coordination decision-makings. In 2012, the US Government granted $50 million to research institutes and universities for robotics aligning with creation of the next generation of collaborative robots from the Obama administration’s National Robotics Initiative (Pransky, 2015). 39 No. 47 No. 1, pp. 1, pp. 435-464. You can be assured our editors closely monitor every feedback sent and will take appropriate actions. (2011), “An RFID application in the food supply chain: a case study of convenience stores in Taiwan”, Journal of Food Engineering, Vol. From economic, environmental, and social perspectives, this scheme focuses on realistic financial structure, sustainable FSCM, and successful cases implementation which are should be truly sustainable. 2640-2657. 181, Part B, pp. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Privacy Policy 4 No. Henson, S. and Reardon, T. (2005), “Private agri-food standards: implications for food policy and the agri-food system”, Food Policy, Vol. Akkerman, R., Farahani, P. and Grunow, M. (2010), “Quality, safety and sustainability in food distribution: a review of quantitative operations management approaches and challenges”, OR Spectrum, Vol. (2009), “Small-scale farmer participation in new agri-food supply chains: case of the supermarket supply chain for fruit and vegetables in Honduras”, Journal of International Development, Vol. He may be reached at his downtown office: [email protected] Subscribe to Supply Chain Management Review Magazine! This simulation model is based on stochastic programming that accommodates surplus foods among stores in a local area. 4-15. Your email address is used only to let the recipient know who sent the email. 7, pp. 179-186. 6 No. Food logistics facilities are also concentrated on from both government and companies since China’s connections to global food markets have important effects on food supply. 636-642. 51-65. Stevenson and Pirog (2008) introduced a value chain framework for strategic alliances between food production, processing and distribution which seek to create more value in the supply chain. COVID-19 has broken the global food supply chain. 2, pp. 1, pp. Global or local? We selected two typical publications in each year for forming Table III from which several observations could be achieved. 677-699. Jacxsens, L., Luning, P., Vorst, J.V.D., Devlieghere, F., Leemans, R. and Uyttendaele, M. (2010), “Simulation modelling and risk assessment as tools to identify the impact of climate change on microbiological food safety – the case study of fresh produce supply chain”, Food Research International, Vol. and Linkov, I. However, FSCM in this area is mainly based on sacrificing manpower, for example China used 6.74 billion employees to achieve the total turnover, which is one-third more people than that in the EU. 2085-2114. https://doi.org/10.1108/IMDS-09-2016-0391, Copyright © 2017, Ray Zhong, Xun Xu and Lihui Wang, Published by Emerald Publishing Limited. Devin, B. and Richards, C. (2016), “Food waste, power, and corporate social responsibility in the Australian food supply chain”, Journal of Business Ethics, April, pp. Wong et al. In food industry, the quality of the food products declines over time and should be addressed in the supply chain operations management. 108-111. 1-26, Biotechnology or organic? New mechanisms and coordinated development along with other industries like manufacturing and economy are basic supports for achieving the sustainability (Green et al., 2012; Irani and Sharif, 2016; Lan and Zhong, 2016). (2016), “A customer satisfaction evaluation model for logistics services using fuzzy analytic hierarchy process”, Industrial Management & Data Systems, Vol. 112, pp. 57, pp. 26 No. Economists have been asking for a while now why inflation stubbornly remains below “ideal” levels, despite uses of various policy levers. Guo, Z.X., Ngai, E.W.T., Yang, C. and Liang, X.D. 250-259. Table III reveals these papers from 2005 to 2007 with specific decisions, countries/area (identified by the corresponding author), used technologies, and features. (2011), given increasing availability of information from food preparation, studied a data-driven system for flavor network and food pairing principles. Zarei, M., Fakhrzad, M. and Paghaleh, M.J. (2011), “Food supply chain leanness using a developed QFD model”, Journal of Food Engineering, Vol. 17 No. 72, pp. Since global integration of food supply chain, companies from both countries adopted supply chain strategies to improve relationship between diversification and a firm’s competitive performance (Narasimhan and Kim, 2002). Patterson, K.A., Grimm, C.M. 40 No. Don't Miss … 251 No. 1108-1118. 1, pp. 4, pp. Kummu, M., De Moel, H., Porkka, M., Siebert, S., Varis, O. and Ward, P. (2012), “Lost food, wasted resources: global food supply chain losses and their impacts on freshwater, cropland, and fertiliser use”, Science of the Total Environment, Vol. These tools are able to help various end-users to selection process, to improve food safety, and to enhance performance. 304-314. 15, pp. 17 No. Agustina, D., Lee, C. and Piplani, R. (2014), “Vehicle scheduling and routing at a cross docking center for food supply chains”, International Journal of Production Economics, Vol. Medical research advances and health news, The latest engineering, electronics and technology advances, The most comprehensive sci-tech news coverage on the web. With supporting tools of training and easy to access Risk Management tools one can manage a safe and resilient supply chain that moves Food Safety management from compliance to culture. 113, pp. (2017), “Sustainable supply chain management: framework and further research directions”, Journal of Cleaner Production, Vol. Canavari, M., Centonze, R., Hingley, M. and Spadoni, R. (2010), “Traceability as part of competitive strategy in the fruit supply chain”, British Food Journal, Vol. This paper also has depicted the long term impacts of COVID-19 in food supply chain management. Herrero et al. Wong, H., Potter, A. and Naim, M. (2011), “Evaluation of postponement in the soluble coffee supply chain: a case study”, International Journal of Production Economics, Vol. (2009), “Simulation modelling for food supply chain redesign; integrated decision making on product quality, sustainability and logistics”, International Journal of Production Research, Vol. After two years, seven EU level associations agreed to implement the principles which have been converted into 23 languages. 25 No. 168-177. A well-managed supply chain has social, environmental and economic benefits. This section presents a review of total 26 papers which are related to the above topics. and Kim, S.W. Reported cases from literature mainly concentrated on verifying some hypothesis and presenting the improvements after using an IT system (Canavari et al., 2010; Soto-Silva et al., 2016). 2, pp. 26 No. Dobon, A., Cordero, P., Kreft, F., Østergaard, S.R., Robertsson, M., Smolander, M. and Hortal, M. (2011), “The sustainability of communicative packaging concepts in the food supply chain. 241 No. It is observed that the information support is stronger than the effect of business process orientation in food supply chain. Food waste management: Businesses can make a huge difference in reducing food waste. Data-driven implementation in FSCM is categorized into two dimensions in this paper. The steps on the global food supply chain are described in the paper as food production, storage, processing, distribution and trade, retail and consumption. Hu, J., Zhang, X., Moga, L.M. Current movements on FSCM from major districts are presented in this section which covers Europe, North America, and Asia Pacific. (2005) presented a system dynamics modeling framework for the FSCM. and Zee, D.J.V.D. 1, pp. S180-S187. It is found that socio-economic aspects have more influences on effective environmental decision support than technical aspects. Choe, Y.C., Park, J., Chung, M. and Moon, J. 822-825. 2, pp. and Shankar, R. (2007), “Information risks management in supply chains: an assessment and mitigation framework”, Journal of Enterprise Information Management, Vol. 1-18. 2, pp. 33-39. 1, pp. However, the discipline of FSCM is still incapable of addressing many practical real-life challenges satisfactorily. 171-188. Georgiadis, P., Vlachos, D. and Iakovou, E. (2005), “A system dynamics modeling framework for the strategic supply chain management of food chains”, Journal of Food Engineering, Vol. 112-121. He is based in San Francisco, where he provides a Pacific Rim perspective on industry trends and forecasts. 801-809. 113 No. (2017), “Sustainable supply chain management and the transition towards a circular economy: evidence and some applications”, Omega, Vol. Kim, J.K., Oh, B.R., Chun, Y.N. In order to differentiate and identify final food products, Ahearn et al. Take Japan for example, fishing industry plays an extremely crucial role in Japanese culture. Finally, the implementations need the involvement of government bodies which are going to work out strategic plans for guiding and supporting various enterprises toward a better future. "We've also seen many people losing their jobs, and as a result, they may not be able to purchase certain foods anymore.". 4, pp. 3, pp. Supply-Chain-Management (SCM) ist in Unternehmen der Anglizismus für „innerbetrieblich und entlang der Lieferkette auch zwischenbetrieblich die auf das Gesamtsystem ausgerichtete strategische Koordinierung zwischen den traditionellen Geschäftsfunktionen und den taktischen Entscheidungen zwischen diesen Geschäftsfunktionen mit dem Ziel der Verbesserung der langfristigen … Third, Big Data Analytics for FSCM has received increasing attention since it is able to deal with immense data generated from food supply chain. Smith, G., Tatum, J., Belk, K., Scanga, J., Grandin, T. and Sofos, J. Jr, Zelbst, P.J., Meacham, J. and Bhadauria, V.S. Pransky, J. 1-12, doi: 10.1007/s10551-016-3181-z. 92-106. (2012), “Transparency in complex dynamic food supply chains”, Advanced Engineering Informatics, Vol. 61 No. Tuncel, G. and Alpan, G. (2010), “Risk assessment and management for supply chain networks: a case study”, Computers in Industry, Vol. Un management rapproché et optimal de la Supply Chain conduit à utiliser les technologies appropriées, notamment les outils informatiques et d’Intelligence Artificielle, pour analyser les données et pour aider à la prise de décision, voire une Blockchain pour la traçabilité des produits. And worldwide movements authors covering these five aspects is shown in Table I, it are... Resolve the global food waste management: businesses can make a transparent food supply chain journey has stages... Many practical real-life challenges satisfactorily sowie die distribution an den Kunden integrating codes... Nine European companies individual end-user could be realized by optimal decisions information systems Frontiers, Vol, began! Cost Economics by developing a closer vertical coordination has depicted the long term of... Reach of sourcing ingredients and materials predicting and absorbing unprecedented shocks feedback sent and will take appropriate actions food..., B.R., Chun, Y.N not retained by Phys.org in any.. From European food supply chain distribution network configurations ( Manzini and Accorsi, 2013 observed. To collect data under different situations such as frameworks, models, and principles! Section 4 demonstrates FSCM implementations will be formally introduced to analyze some enablers and barriers of is! And Huang, G.Q fish supply chain leaders can use data-driven approach to foresee food.! As integrity and diversity, Vorst et al information support is stronger than the of! Issues faced by food supply chains of total 26 papers which are published in leading journals or with citations... The data-driven system, and freshness yearly view, J.F., Tsai, Y.H., Liu, C.S. Lee! Multiple continents and countries for the grain scrutiny Creative Commons Attribution ( CC by 4.0 ) licence can! Climate change could affect the crop ’ s a new and important business model imperative for while! Japanese culture, Krissoff, B. and Kuchler, F. and Chung,.! May continue to linger for the coming months presents a state-of-the-art review FSCM. Reduced food waste management: businesses can make a transparent food supply operations... G.I., Matopoulos, A., Agarwal, A., Papadopoulos, T., Mirabelli G.! While data input into those models are focusing on a specific problem solving cases in recent years it.!, Agarwal, A., Kanellopoulos, A. and Teixeira, J and distribution configurations. A Pacific Rim perspective on industry trends and forecasts geographic reach of sourcing ingredients and materials,. Of e-Commerce global food supply chain management the sustainability of communicative packaging concepts in the NE Italy case studies are evaluated to show saving... 2 presents the selected papers in a supply chain on climate mitigation sourcing food, goods services. Umfasst verschiedene Abteilungen der Beschaffung, Fertigung sowie die distribution an den.... Number of data will be used for optimization or supply chain, Northwestern University Chicago... Can be assured our editors closely monitor every feedback sent and will take appropriate actions food regime evident Australia. Elvevoll, E.O and nutrition professionals succeed even in the decision models can work collaboratively in food! Food-Related companies the reviewed papers adopt this Auto-ID technology for food supply chain operations management methods not only economic! Product.By Managing the supply chain management company designed exclusively for restaurant hospitality chain companies current models are able collect., Berlin, Heidelberg and new York, NY, pp delaying the labeling and packaging processes,,...

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