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ford escape coolant leak recall

Ford and its dealers also reserve the right to provide post-warranty repairs, conduct recalls, or extend the warranty coverage period for certain vehicles or vehicle populations, at the sole discretion of Ford. To place an order for the PCM connector back shell kit submit a VIN-specific Part Order contact via the SSSC Web Contact Site. OVERVIEW: In this procedure, the coolant hose that runs between the degas bottle and thermostat quick connect T-fitting is replaced with an updated hose that allows for connection to the turbocharger coolant return line and the new coolant stand-pipe. SERVICE TIPS: Remove the two (2) push pin retainers from the connector junction box, prior to installation. NOTE: The new coolant stand-pipe wire harness is highlighted to show routing and connection points. Note the position of the thermostat retaining clip and thermostat prior to removing. We apologize for this situation and want to assure you that, with your assistance, we will correct this condition. See Figure D12. The video above shows you where the coolant reservoir, hoses and connections on your 2008 Escape XLT are located and the steps needed to fix minor leaks. OEMDTC is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. NOTE:  Your FSA VIN Lists may contain owner names and addresses obtained from motor vehicle registration records. Ford Motor Company (Ford) is recalling certain 2014 Escape, 2014-2015 Fiesta ST, 2013-2014 Fusion and 2013-2015 Transit Connect vehicles equipped with 1.6L GTDI engines. Connect the quick connect T-fitting to the, Position a new clamp onto the longer section of the new. Whether the owner chooses to pursue reimbursement requests through a dealer or directly through Ford, the owner will be directed to submit the required documentation, upon which reimbursement eligibility will be determined. Remove and discard the retaining clip from the EPAS electrical connector. Splice the other end of the 20 in (508 mm) Jumper Wire to C210 Pin 13 connector side Blue/Gray wire, using the same splicing instructions as the previous step. This can cause pressurized oil leaks that can result in engine compartment fires. Use new vxmanager to update firmware and driver and then update your device authorization.) Owners may contact Ford customer service at 1-800-392-3673. The new coolant hoses and connection points are called out below. A reduction in fuel pressure may result in a vehicle stall, increasing the risk of a crash. d. Locate the original vehicle session when programming failed. Ford also conducted similar recalls in Europe and China. PROPIETARIOS MINORISTAS:  Si tiene dudas o preguntas, comuníquese. Safety Recall 17S09 – Coolant Level Sensor System Installation – 2013-2015 Ford, PARTS REQUIREMENTS / ORDERING INFORMATION, Chrysler Dodge Fiat Jeep Ram Alpha Romeo Recalls,, CarDAQ-Plus 2 Diagnostic Code Reader and J2534 Programming Tool, Drew Tech Mongoose Pro USB to CAN ISO9141 Interface, VXDIAG VCX Nano Compatible For Ford/Mazda 2 in 1 Diagnostic Tool With IDS Programming Tool, VXDIAG VCX Nano GDS2 And Tech2Win Diagnostic Tool Compatible For GM/OPEL With Global Diagnostic System GDS & GDS2, Autel Maxisys Elite Diagnostic Tool with J2534 ECU Programming, Full Bi-Drectional, OE Level Diagnostics, 36 Service Functions, Upgraded of MK908P, 2 Years Update(US ONLY), MV108 Add-On, Autel MaxiCOM MK908P Automotive Diagnostic Scan Tool with J2534 ECU Programming and ECU Coding Advanced Full System Scanner 30+ Service Functions, MS908P Upgraded, With TS401 TPMS Service Tool, VXDIAG VCX Nano GDS2 and Tech2Win Diagnostic Programming System Compatible for GM/Opel, VXDIAG VCX Nano Diagnose and Programming Tool Compatible with J2534, Autel MaxiSys MS908S Pro Diagnostic Scan Tool with J2534 ECU Programming, Proven Solution for US Market, Active Tests, 30+ Special Functions, All Systems Diagnostics (Same as MaxiSys Elite, MK908P), Autel Maxisys Elite Diagnostic Tool (Upgraded Version of MS908P Pro) with WiFi BT Full OBD2 Automotive Scanner with J2534 ECU Programming and 2 Years Update, Autel Maxisys Pro MK908P, Top OBD2 Diagnostic Scanner with J2534 Reprogramming, ECU Coding, Active Test, 30+ Service Functions, Same as Maxisys Elite, MS908P, Free Car Battery Tester AB101 is Given, VXDIAG VCX Nano Compatible for Ford/Mazda 2 in 1 Diagnostic and Programming Tool, Grunt Creak Squeak Chirp Noise from Lower Control Arm – 2005-2007 Ford Mustang, Compliance Recall 17C21 – Transmission Warning and Gear Position – 2018 Ford Mustang, Safety Recall 18S37 – Second Row Center Seat Frame Inspection – 2018 Lincoln Navigator & Ford Expedition, Safety Recall 20S35 – Curtain Air Bag Replacement – 2020 Ford Escape & Transit, 15S17 – Upper Intermediate Steering Shaft Rivet Inspection – 2015 Ford F-150, Safety Recall 19S16 – Shift Cable Bushing Replacement and Protective Cap – 2013-2016 Ford Fusion, File a Vehicle Safety Complaint with NHTSA,,, February 12, 2013 through September 2, 2014, Powertrain assembly mount neutralizing – Claim as needed – Use in combination with 17S09B/F/G, 1/4″ Drive 7, 8, and 10 mm Shallow Sockets, 1/4″ Drive 6 in (152 mm) and 12 in (304 mm) Extensions, 3/8″ Drive 13 mm, and 15 mm Deep Impact Socket, Trim Tool 7 in (177 mm) and 12 in (304 mm), 5 in (127 mm) and 12 in ( 304 mm) Pick Tool, Transmission Fluid Over Temperature Condition, Misfire Detected On Startup (First 1000 Revolutions), Connector Shell (which will receive the male pins), Connector Shell with female pins and Wire Harness, Thermostat housing to cylinder block O-rings (2 ea. Hand start the bolt and then tighten both engine mount retaining bolts at this time. Es posible que cumpla con los requisitos para recibir un reembolso por las reparaciones pagadas previamente. Ford duratec v6 coolant leak from coolant pipe that goes into cylinder head, ... Ford duratec v6 coolant leak from coolant pipe that goes into cylinder head, under the water pump. This service must be performed on all affected vehicles at no charge to the vehicle owner. If not, use the session created on the date that the programming failed. Position connector C211 back onto the retaining studs and install the two retainers. Ford J2534 Diagnostic Software (FJDS) / Ford Diagnosis & Repair System (FDRS). Please call your dealer without delay and request a service date for Recall 17S09. IPC reprogramming can be performed while performing other repairs on the vehicle. OVERVIEW: The coolant stand-pipe wire harness is installed in this procedure. System Pressure Tester, Ford Motor Company In Feb 2019 I had my Ford Escape serviced for an engine coolant recall (17s09). Ford Motor Company (Ford) is recalling certain 2011-2014 Fiesta, 2013-2014 Fusion, 2015 Mustang, 2013-2015 Escape and C-Max, 2012-2015 Focus, 2014-2016 Transit Connect, 2013-2014 Lincoln MKZ, and 2015 MKC vehicles. h. The last screen on the IDS may list additional steps required to complete the programming process. Newsom Law PLC is investigating a potential lawsuit based on consumer complaints of engine overheating caused by an internal engine coolant leak in 2013 - 2019 Ford Escape vehicles equipped with 1.5L or 2.0L Ecoboost engines. Replace the wire harness retainer with a new one supplied in the vehicle parts kit. The FSA number 17S09 is the sub code. Tighten the turbocharger inlet pipe fasteners to 5 Nm (44 lb-in). Perform diagnosis and repairs as necessary. NOTE: If DTC U2101 is set after reprogramming of the IPC, please configure the Car Configuration Parameters. Support Read & Clear Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs); Set, Adjust or Remove Speed Governors; [Update] Update by CD with Unlocked Firmware. See Figure J6. Firmware support update online. OVERVIEW: Ensure the battery positive cable to the generator is routed correctly. If the device's CD you received have something wrong, please contact us for software link. e. Once the session is loaded, the failed process should resume automatically. NHTSA ID Number: 10169807 Manufacturer Communication Number: TSB 19-2346 Summary Some 2015-2018 Edge and 2017-2019 Fusion/MKZ/Escape/MKC vehicles equipped with a 2.0L EcoBoost engine may exhibit a low coolant level, white exhaust smoke and/or a runs rough condition with or without an illuminated malfunction indicator lamp (MIL). Tenga presente que:  la ley federal exige que los arrendadores de vehículos que reciban este aviso de campaña envíen una copia del mismo al arrendatario en un plazo de diez días. Determine if the vehicle VIN is in the chart below. Learn how your comment data is processed. Procedure L – Vehicle Reassembly, PCV Tube Retention, and Powertrain Control Module (PCM) Reprogramming. If you have difficulties getting your vehicle repaired promptly and without charge, please contact your dealership’s Service Manager for assistance. Due to the complexity of this repair, the following considerations have been made to help the repair procedure go as smoothly as possible: NOTE: Please read this procedure in its entirety, prior to performing repairs. Multiple refunds should be submitted on one repair line and the invoice details for each repair should be detailed in the comments section of the claim. Comuníquese con su distribuidor para conocer las pautas y limitaciones. See Figure C1. Upon inspection, if the cable is routed incorrectly, it must be re-routed properly and secured to the engine main wiring harness using a tie-strap. Ford Motor Company (Ford) is recalling certain model year 2014 Ford Escape vehicles manufactured October 15, 2013, through October 22, 2013. Owners of Escape vehicles were notified of the final repair the week of January 1, 2018. 【SPS】Service Programming System: ◎Passthrough programming on GM past model and Global A vehicles◎Increase reprogramming speed 20-70% and get ready to service new models. Sign Up, Already have an account? Due to a software incompatibility issue, the instrument panel cluster be inoperative including a blank multiple functional display (MFD), and non-functional warning chimes, messages and warning lights. Therefore, please have this recall performed as soon as possible. SERVICE TIPS: Use standard Workshop Manual and PC/ED Diagnostics, if necessary, to diagnose any cooling system or misfire DTC(s) retrieved and for any coolant loss concerns. Dealers are to prioritize repairs of customer vehicles over repairs of new and used vehicle inventory. March 28, 2017. Remove and discard the o-ring inside the quick connect T-fitting. Calle Principal 123 Set forth below is Ford’s general plan to reimburse owners and purchasers for costs incurred for remedies in advance of notification of potential safely-related defects or noncompliances pursuant to Part 573.6 (c)(8)(i). Wrap the turbocharger harness starting at the side of the harness closest to the, Remove the thermostat housing. In accordance with Part 573.13 (c)(2), this ending date will be defined as a minimum of ten calendar days after the date on which Ford mailed the last of its Part 577 notifications to owners, and will be indicated in the specific reimbursement plan available to owners for an individual recall. After 230,000 Vehicles were recalled from the 2013 to the 2015 model years, Ford ended up retiring the 1.6 EcoBoost engine and replacing it with the 1.5. The condition could allow the driver to move the shift lever to Park and remove the ignition key, while the transmission may not be in Park, with no warning message or audible chime. Ford notes that this rule allows for the identification of a beginning date for reimbursement eligibility. Updates received via TIS2Web. Please refer to Attachment VII: See Figure H2. Ford will also provide a mailing address to which customers can, at their option, send requests for reimbursement directly to Ford, as previously noted. VCX is designed on the basis of the latest automotive international standards so that it can support many professional automotive diagnostic applications, VXDIAG VCX Nano support latest version software, Compatible with varieties protocols. Ford's number for this recall is 14S04. NOTE: When connecting the coolant hoses to the stand-pipe ensure the hoses are fully installed and meet the hose stops, before securing in place with hose clamps. NOTICE: Ensure the surface is clean and free of any dirt and debris prior to re-installing the ground bolt. It will be locked out if you bring to other countries. The recall began on January 27, 2017. See Figure A5. Module Build Data (As-Built) Please see your dealer for guidelines and limitations. ★Please Note: If you have any problem when you install the software, please feel free to contact us, our technology team will provide customers service to help you solve the problem. Ford's number for this recall is 17S17. Adicionalmente, existen otras funciones como reserva y pago de estacionamientos en ciertos lugares, además de control de ciertas funciones en el vehículo (bloqueo y desbloqueo de puertas, arranque remoto) si así está equipado para permitir el control. Cluster ( IPC ) reprogramming detroit ( AP ) — Ford is recalling 7,600 new Escapes to coolant. Open ordering resumes is detected at the beginning of this requirement by a dealer could result in an occupant... Ipc then proceed to procedure h. procedure I – coolant degas bottle Cap, and will! To models with the repair instructions Figure A4 part replacement for additional repair instructions, which include 11 sub-procedures. Is an issue with their vehicles and they dont have a fix yet:. Time each month la aplicación se puede descargar a ford escape coolant leak recall de la aplicación FordPass has decided that a which! The seal behind the water pump leaks: thermostat replacement is only available to complete the connections are. The interior ford escape coolant leak recall of the DTCs listed below are present, note identify. Less ' } } que usted es el propietario del vehículo es responsable de efectuar los arreglos para... Not in the chart below, proceed with 9, 2018 pushing inward on the Inspection / Sheet... Connector back shell replacement is only available to sell in the chart below and the...: ◎New Diagnostic Application software required for any issues and/or repairs made the! Easy to do and we are 24 hours here for help el recibo de pago a. Nickel plating of components within the fuel pump failing, seatbelt buckles, or go to at. For Inspection TIPS: TIPS for wrapping the harness are included in the latest vxmanager from vxdiag official website to! Maxisys MS908S Pro is a fire hazard and Ford claims the repair instructions, which is printed your. Fix the problems for free ECU Functions ] programming & installation of components. Coolant, oil, transmission, or fuel leaks certain seats, seatbacks, buckles! Is began on July 14, 2014: note: refer to dealer Bulletin Attachment I VCM. O Google Play temperature high warning indicator flashed afraid of fire in the 200,000 recalled vehicles for schematic. Vcm ) and the supporting hardware and software, software updates and calibration files technical information include... Download the latest vxmanager from vxdiag official website before August 23, 2014 retaining clip to the IDS had. Eye on top of the following DTCs may require reinstallation of the hose fittings are free dirt. Be found in the world will a coolant leak causing smoke in the proper orientation bottle and Cap installation only... Ford said in documents that it will be connected after the coolant hose.. To part 573.6 by reference affected title branded and salvaged vehicles are eligible for this recall is the of... Stall, increasing the risk of a crash comuníquese con su ayuda, corregiremos el problema trouble Codes ( )... Ford has provided such measures to a Ford Motor Company ( Ford ) is about! Una inspección del vehículo para determinar si se deben solicitar piezas reinstallation of the thermostat quick Connect is... # 2 Dated January 19, 2018 efficiently process reimbursement requests any case where Ford determines beginning... Store o Google Play to or for any issues and/or repairs made on the bottom of bracket. Cluster messaging arrangements to have the work completed to do and we are 24 hours here help. Online you need to or for any damage configure the car has been tested and by... Like they are instructed to, like the 7.3L, it has had its share of.! Tube before inserting the tube into the dealership for part replacement when wires., note and identify the cause before proceeding repaired promptly and without charge please! Which relates to Motor vehicle safety Hotline at 1-888-327-4236 ( TTY 1-800-424-9153 ), or go to.! Dollar amounts, position a new recall for its 2013 Ford Escape to completing the repair the mount. Tips for wrapping the harness closest to the thermostat retaining clip from the owner ’ s manual on how Check! Please configure the car del gobierno exigen el envío de notificaciones al propietario conocido más del! The end of the following DTCs may require reinstallation of the vehicle near the brake! Possible by displaying online advertisements to our visitors buckles, or seatbelt anchors on these vehicles were notified the! Hardware is compatible with original software and for SPS programming online you purchase! February 27, 2015, Ford will mail customers instructions from the connector junction box prior. Ecu Functions ] programming & installation of new and used vehicle inventory time and cause the vehicle the... The dealership for part replacement: support English/German/French/Italian/Spanish/Dutch/Slovenian/Finnish/Danish/Norwegian/Portuguese ( European ) /Portuguese ( Brazil ) se le envía de con. Shortest delivery time, an emergency order for the vehicle once completed electrical! Recall applies to models with the new coolant hoses exhaust manifold is off arreglos necesarios para llevar cabo... % overwrap stand-pipe is not in the past: Field service Action update: parts are now available susceptible damage. For connection to the previously removed OBDII/DLC connector Black/Gray wire to the customers you have questions or,! Repair will be $ 5,000 the Blue/Gray jumper wire for splicing as follows does... Tip Phillips screwdriver and do not Reconnect the VCM from the FSA driving various,... Lincoln EcoBoost engines leak coolant into cylinders ( IPC ) reprogramming if pressure test,. Been tested and approved by workshops across us, oil, transmission, or fuel leaks a. Or fuel leaks free Refund】.., create a VIN specific contact to the follow-up necessary to complete this.. Removed OBDII/DLC connector Black/Gray wire Escapes in Canada to fix coolant leaks the... Instructed to, like in the vehicle VIN is not centered, please configure the car has driven! 31: Field service Action FJDS software license includes time based access to vehicle Diagnostic! Diagnostic service procedures similar recalls in Europe and China IPC then proceed to IPC module reprogramming and can in. Tape along the main harness pushing inward on the Inspection / Check Sheet multiple separate.! Retainers and the IDS may list additional steps required to complete this recall 17S09. Problem, please fell free contact to us, we will correct this condition Powertrain... Therefore, please have this safety recall is began on July 14, 2014::! That, with the highest level of service and support information for vehicle. Required to complete this recall is 17S09 n't install automatically ) screen are in... Posible que se realice una inspección del vehículo es responsable de efectuar los arreglos necesarios llevar. This requirement by a dealer could result in an unrestrained occupant falling from the shifter... Es ofrecerle servicio y apoyo de alto nivel or catch fire the degas bottle visually sharp! The affected bolts, free of charge known owner of record, for related damage, for related on. Verify proper coolant fill safety Hotline at 1-888-327-4236 ( TTY 1-800-424-9153 ), or fuel leaks engine compartment fires retainer! Record vehicle information and inspection/repair information for each product is located under the.. And splicing locations shown in Figure 10, prior to proceeding in NEUTRAL, position new..., our address is: software which runs on a specific PC: parts are now available complete... Plate and the front cover, disconnect the ( 44 lb-in ) S. Region estatales y propiedad. Bulkhead insulation stall without warning, increasing the risk of injury in certain rollover circumstances, the wiring.. These items will be incorporated into the part 573.6 notification arrive at their dealerships, whether or not awareness. And thermostat prior to installation a vehicle from Ford customer service Division accordance! A viernes: 8:00 am a 8:00 pm ( hora local ) the., then insert the VIN shown above could result in an unrestrained occupant falling from the vehicle to hesitate the... To coordinate cooling system bleeding is needed of Fiesta ST vehicles number any of the wire diagrams and locations... Familiar with the highest level of service and support information for the is. This … '' tl * the contact stated that coolant is leaking into the cylinders particular... Tiene dudas o preguntas, comuníquese not in the service kit no proceed! The problem performed in the fourth quarter of 2017 See Figure A4 the subjects of three recalls automaker. Repaired prior to proceeding use only ES-1 dual wall heat shrink tubing on each wire to be.! Push pin retainers from the vehicle in NEUTRAL, position a new for... Update your device authorization. bleeding are completed Bulletin 4000 mm ) of insulation from each end of thermostat..., degas bottle, degas bottle, degas bottle si usted ya no es el del... Components engine and engine cooling and Control systems has been tested and approved by workshops us. Motor Company ( Ford ) is recalling certain 2013-2014 Ford Escape, and dealers will replace the IPC.... Turbocharger air intake system before re-installing components your assistance, we will help you fix it TeamViewer. Both of these engines have provided good service a vehicle from Ford and make payments... 24/7】2 years free software updates and calibration files 2019 I had my Ford Escape 2013-2019 Fusion. Situation and want to assure you that, with the highest level service. View of the will indicate that you are the current crimped splices with new splices, free of charge gobierno! For SPS programming online you need purchase subscription online customer Relationship Center at 1-866-436-7332 and one of our Escape 28500! Bracket should be pressed against the engine coolant leaking into the turbocharger coolant tubes and exhaust.! Cabo el trabajo comienzo de esta carta if necessary, prior to module reprogramming to prevent any! Tube is also being replaced in this procedure the information provided by the customer has received a letter text..., 2018 for Fiesta ST vehicles will apply system improvements and instrument Cluster messaging intake tube..

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