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(5 U.S.C. For more information about overtime and its limitations, please visit the Office of Personnel Management’s Title 5 Overtime Pay page. to overtime, night differential, holiday pay, compensatory time, Sunday pay, call-back, and hazard pay. * environmental differential pay for employees exposed to various degrees of hazard, physical hardship, and working conditions of an unusual nature; and * night differential … Night pay differential is in addition to overtime, Sunday, or holiday pay payable under this subpart and it is not included in the rate of basic pay used to compute the overtime, Sunday, or holiday pay. You are entitled to Sunday premium pay equal to 25 percent of your basic pay rate for each hour of Sunday work. Note that this does not track FWS employees' night differential amount; use "Night Differential Hours" for this amount. Overtime pay, within the limits prescribed by the Act, is includable for Federal retirement benefit purposes. Night differential pay: 28 x $1.41 = Sunday differential pay: 8 x $3.52 = Overtime pay: 16 x $.70 = $ 11.20 8 x $14.76 = 118.08 $129.28 Total weekly remuneration: $562.40 39.48 28.16 $129.28 $759.32 Under the OPM method, title 5 overtime ($129.28) now is less than FLSA overtime ($174.40) and total remuneration 434.2 Night Differential 434.21 Policy. (c) Relation to overtime, Sunday, and holiday pay. Overtime limitations include those for National Guard technicians and employees in exempt positions (as defined by the Fair Labor Standards Act) who earn compensatory time instead of overtime. Fire chiefs, assistant fire chiefs, fire prevention inspectors and similar fire protection personnel have basic 40-hour work week schedules, or tours of duty, unless duties require substantial standby time. (a) (1) Employees who are exempt from the overtime pay provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938, as amended, shall be paid overtime pay in accordance with 5 U.S.C. Environmental Differential Pay (EDP) is paid for exposure to various degrees of hazards, physical hardships and working conditions. Next, multiply the night shift hours by the night shift differential to find the total night shift pay: 16 hours x $5/hr = $80 FInally, add the night differential to his base pay for the total pay: Night pay: Night pay is a 10-percent differential paid to an employee for regularly scheduled work performed at night. Under Philippine labor laws, an employee who works between 10 p.m to 6:00 a.m. should be paid a night shift differential of not less than ten percent (10%) of his regular wage. I occasionally have to work unscheduled, unplanned overtime, staying past end of shift, because of emergencies. This salary is the number quoted on USAJOBS. Complete details about Compensatory Time are on the Office of Personnel Management’s Compensatory Time page and Compensatory Time Off for Travel page. Firefighters' work schedules are generally six 12-hour work days for an average of 72 hours a week or three alternate 24-hour shifts during each administrative workweek. Contact your immediate supervisor for more details. Footnotes. A debt will be created if the employee has not repaid the advance time off balance at the time of separation, death or transfer. Art. RESTRICTIONS ON PREMIUM PAY . Night and Shift Differential Pay Is the overtime 1 1/2 times the night differential pay? There are three main parts of … Overtime. The hourly rate of basic pay includes locality payment, special rate supplement or other similar payments or supplements provided by law. If the employee works more than two hours, the actual number of hours worked are paid. Title 38 is a special pay authority used to recruit and retain employees in certain health care occupations. GS-10 Basic Pay rate. Officers paid 1.15 or 1.2 times the basic hourly rate (15- or 20-percent differential). HDP is paid for all hours in a pay status the day on which the exposure occurs. Since the hours cannot be altered, the employee would qualify for night differential. Electronic Code of Federal Regulations (e-CFR), CHAPTER I - OFFICE OF PERSONNEL MANAGEMENT, regularly scheduled administrative workweek. The OPM provides full details on its Night Pay for General Schedule Employees page and its Night Shift Differential for Federal Work System employees page. An employee shall be paid night shift differential of no less than ten percent (10%) of his regular wage for each hour of … However, the actual time worked is recorded for time and attendance purposes. Total hourly equivalent of compensation due: 22 hours (8 + 8 + 6 hours). The night shift differential must be paid to federal employees if they work any part of their 8-hour shift between 6 p.m. and 6 a.m. Holiday Pay Federal employees who work on a recognized holiday—a holiday that is established by statute or Executive Order—must … 5544 and this section. It is computed as a percentage of the employee’s rate of basic pay.

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